Middle School
In middle school stage, we will gradually increase the proportion of English immersion courses.

In the Middle School, we will gradually increase the proportion of English immersion courses. We will focus on immersive bilingual teaching, practice-based interdisciplinary learning and other innovative teaching methods, enabling all of our pupils to find a personalised learning pathway with the assistance of their tutors, thereby developing their academic tenacity and adaptability and helping them lay a solid foundation for further study in Senior High School. In this process, teachers and tutors will allow them greater freedom, increasing the frequency and flexibility of self-study so as to develop their capacity for self-regulated learning.



Education Objective


To prepare pupils for the IGCSE curriculum.


Main curriculum and teaching approach


As pupils enter the Middle School stage, their cognitive abilities develop quickly, so the courses provided to Middle School pupils need to have enough depth to satisfy their curiosity; at the same time, they also need to understand that what they learn in the school will prepare them for future learning and ultimately for employment. More importantly, every pupil will need to find their strengths and weaknesses, and this will help their development as a young adult. In order to achieve this, Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou has selected the following international courses: The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-Levels (Advanced Levels) for pupils.