Curriculum for Excellence
Curriculum for Excellence Curriculum for Excellence
Wycombe Abbey Schools' curriculum encourages students to strive for excellence, fostering both outstanding academic performance and their all-round accomplishments.

Fostering outstanding academic performance while developing students' all-round accomplishments is the essence of holistic education, an approach which we take very seriously indeed at Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou. With our student-focused approach to the whole experience of learning, we inspire our students to acquire knowledge and develop academic skills through a unique, innovative and carefully designed Wycombe Abbey Schools "Curriculum for Excellence". On one hand, we fully comply with the Chinese national curriculum in teaching  the sciences and humanities, fine art, music, sports and other essential courses, and on the other hand, we offer the Wycombe Abbey Schools' Development Curriculum and Super Curriculum. In this way, a system of three distinctive but closely related major curricula is offered at Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou.

 Nine-year Compulsory Education Curriculum
Our courses have been designed on the basis of the national curriculum and fully cover all key requirements in that curriculum, while introducing a wide range of education resources and adopting innovative student-centred teaching methods. We constantly focus on crucial learning objectives and competence measures, paying equal attention to both process and results, both knowledge and skills. We will ensure that our teaching methods advance and adapt over time to enable our students to achieve consistently outstanding academic results, cultivating a new generation of pupils with a profound knowledge of Chinese culture and a strong sense of national identity.
 WAS Development Curriculum
The Wycombe Abbey Schools Development Curriculum operates throughout our pupils' academic career. From lessons in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to those courses which expand, supplement and extend the nine year Chinese national curriculum and the internationally renowned IGCSE and A-Level courses at high school, we will teach in small classes; we will apply advanced teaching methods to stimulate students' curiosity and their enthusiasm for exploring their academic subjects and the world around them and to build their potential in science, music, the arts, sports and outdoor activities, laying a solid academic foundation and developing their skills and accomplishments.
 WAS Super Curriculum
Besides extra-curricular enrichment courses and social and practical activities, we also offer pupils the opportunity to participate in summer camps, overseas trips, engagement with leading schools, world-class competitions and other high-quality activities (including the world-famous "Duke of Edinburgh Award", the Model United Nations programme, international Maths competitions and the World Scholars' Cup as well as mountain climbing, diving, hiking and other adventure trips). Both in school and out of school, we promote our "super curriculum", offering pupils individualised education experiences which help them develop a global perspective, take part in global competition and gain a truly allround education.

At the core of the education offered at Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou, our Curriculum for Excellence emphasises different objectives at different stages, addressing the varying needs of children at different ages but ensuring that their education is coherent and complete.